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Monday, November 03, 2003

Reader�s Digest Today
The takeover is old news, but do you think RD will remain what it has been all these years? In fact at home, we�ve been thinking about getting rid of the subscription. RD�s one of the worst snail-mail spammers I�ve seen and their American middle-class writing is not very interesting either. Except if you want to know what country America hates best. They run features on �human rights� by repentant communists all the time. RD in fact talked about Bad Boy Saddam, just before Bush called on the coalition of the willing about the WMD
I�ve also heard that the RD editor (and this is only hearsay) is never in touch with Indian reality. The only things I read in the books are the jokes: they too have become quite repetitive and predictable these days.
The first thing I expect from the takeover is a shakeover of the management. The second thing probably would be a change from Americanmiddleclassrightwingforeignpolicy to Indianpagethreenothingbutnonsense.
Should we continue the subscription or junk it? Come April I think we will junk it. BTW, Viji, it�s still in your name!

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