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Monday, October 20, 2003

Ending from scratch
DVD�s from Cinema Paradiso are beginning to get stuck while playing. Scratches!
Cinema Paradiso - A DVD shop, probably the only place from where Chennaiites could rent the most important videos of International cinema; and everybody who wanted to appear a movie buff, and was rich enough to afford it were picking up DVD�s by the dozen.
The very depraved South Indian filmmakers who have, until now watched the best movies in the most obscure of film festivals, just because they could afford to travel to Timbuktu, and with the result making the most tasteless rip-offs of great world cinema, have had a field day at Cinema Paradiso. Now before we could see the bad rip-offs on screen, we have had the bad experience of these tasteless idiots scratching the disks. One thing I cannot understand is how a filmmaker can have no respect for disks and prints.
The strange thing is that most of them don�t realise that their so many lakhs and crores and days and months and sweat and blood and tears are contained within the 14,000 feet or so of celluloid. They have absolutely no regard for the dirt that it is dragged through, the grime and graffiti of vandals in the form of distribution agents and projectionists, and the artless cuts they could make.
I think I have digressed. Nevertheless, there are a few who know the value of things and I hope to be one of them.

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