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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Exotic music for the movies
The other day I was watching Martin Scorsese�s Last Temptation of Christ. The film opens with the moving sounds of the Duduk (Also Doudouk), an Armenian reed instrument. Ok for all those in India, the Duduk�s the source of the lilting sounds in the Airtel B&W ad. I first really learnt about the instrument and its wonderful sound when I was researching my sound design for the documentary on the Armenian Church in Chennai. The instrument was very Armenian and also had the necessary nostalgia in its sound that I needed for the documentary. Then I remembered that Hanz Zimmer and Lisa Gerard had also used it for The Gladiator. The classical composer Aram Katchadorian had great regard for the Duduk and had said that it was the only musical sound that made him cry (I�m paraphrasing).
Music has real universal appeal and is not restricted by any boundaries: The reason why an American film about a catholic nun and a prisoner on death row can work with great sufi music. I for one, never had the patience to develop my musical skills but I have developed an ear. I feel every filmmaker needs to know the use of music if not the creation. I am kinda proud to have �used� the Duduk properly and in context, much before our blessed ad gurus took the sound for selling mobile phone connections. I have just one gripe against the Airtel ad: the electronic flute at the end, though providing the musical logo, is jarring with its happy major chords (right Cat?). I wonder if Rahman is still involved with the Airtel TVC�s.

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