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Monday, July 07, 2003

Week of science
This week�s issue of Outlook magazine is dedicated to science. Once upon a time I was an avid science guy. For no apparent reason, my ability (not interest though) in academic science waned through my last years in school.
Now I seem to have shifted from purely being an ardent believer in laws and mathematics to a slight sceptic of anything proclaimed absolute. Alas! Science has an enchanting way about it that even relativity and uncertainty are defined mathematically.
I haven�t lost my scientific bent entirely. I do believe in relativity, uncertainty, entropy, chaos etcetera, though in a more social and behavioural sense. I still am prone to theorising about anything I have grown fond of or am familiar with. (I wonder if it is an asset at all?)
Maybe I shall remain a rationalist after all, despite my idiosyncrasies, leniencies and mild romanticisms. I know how the strict world of numbers gives the discipline and systematic precision I love to keep as an artist. Maybe for me, there are no differences between art and science after all!

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