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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Media Economics
Our very educated professor has me looking at the other side of the media world: a world of definite things, calculations and cutthroats. I guess making money alone matters for the owners of big business and media is big business. Of course there are two schools of thought on this and both are right: news is information but news is also money. The problem is that the people on both sides of this ideological divide think that the others are being na�ve.
I myself am a self-proclaimed believer of all things �fuzzy�: an artist if you will; but I certainly understand the contention of those who say money matters. I guess big business owners do not care for the fuzzy stuff like responsibility, being the fourth estate, and the like. It is just the employees that are bothered; the journalists, the artists; and it is these people that keep the media house alive by connecting with the people and eventually bringing in the money.
It just like in politics. The opportunists know exactly what matters and it is always money or power. Issues, ideology, patriotism, honour etc are for the second rung leaders to mouth and exploit for the top guys. It is just like in Floyd�s Animals.

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