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Saturday, July 12, 2003

The Iliad
I finally finished reading the book. As I wrote before, in verse, it was not very difficult to read or comprehend. The Iliad is an epic and a story in its own right, but what really impresses me is the fact that it is a treasure-trove of ideas, plots and narratives. This fertile nature: the ability to father a lot many stories makes it truly a world-class epic. The set piece combats, competitions, deaths, sacrifices, funerals and what not, make for amazing reading and adaptation. Another significant fact is that it is very well layered.
Just as any story, The Iliad reflects the nature of the times, places and people contained in it. Though to me, now and here, the values that come with the story may not be entirely agreeable, The Iliad does offer a lot of timeless insights into the human drama.

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