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Monday, July 14, 2003

Go to University, become stupid
In the same vein, I�ll have to comment at the appallingly low levels of academic pursuit at colleges and universities in the country. It is disconcerting to find student enrolling in courses in order to pass exams and get degrees. Even more disgusting is the fact that professors with lots of alphabets attached to their names hardly value academic excellence. Post-graduate teachers hardly promote study, instead they dictate exam-oriented �notes� in class: it cannot get worse than this.
I would prefer to be called a nerd than pointlessly pursue nothing. I find people who pursue higher studies do so on compulsion and not out of any genuine interest or talent in their respective fields. Determined research is almost absent. There are, of course those who claim academics to be useless theorists and social vestiges, but believing in such things in universities? Ridiculous!
I�m sad to say that I have not found a conducive academic environment to carry out any meaningful study. Hardly any one is interested or able to recognise, let alone tolerate specialized academic research. Wonder how PhD�s are awarded in our country. Of course there are a few very good and inspiring teachers, but there are not enough of these people.
Academic theses or works of art, anything creative has to be inspired. You cannot masturbate an innovation.

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