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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Sun TV newspeople should be stoned
Their abysmally cheap sensational reporting of a SARS case and the resulting public hysteria and false alarm smacks of a lack of any journalistic ethics. The crass politicization of public health issues is the lowest TV journalism can ever get to. The fact that SARS fatalities are rare, and the truth that despite a lack of �a cure�, there is every possibility that a person naturally would get over the affliction with the right care (just like in the case of a common cold) are being completely ignored.
I think I am rightfully very bitter about the quality of media education in India. In fact there are many idiots who think they can get into important and responsible fields like journalism if they just know how to press a button on a camera or be stupid enough to ask immaturely �bold� questions. All these years in South India, we have been having actors read us the TV news; now I guess we have unscrupulous pulp-writers composing the news.

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