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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

The closest I can get to a photoblog�
�is to be able to describe last evening�s sky. The sun had set I guess, or was it hidden behind the richly lit clouds? All I could see were glowing puffs in the west: gloriously orange and then mellowing to a yellow and peaking to a pink: all the time silhouetting the city that stretched small in front of it.
I turned to the east from my perch on the water tank to survey the little whitewashed blocks of houses peeking from behind lush green. A drop of rain reluctantly fell on me as if the clouds graying above had no place for it. It should have been the last little drop to fall as a quick breeze then picked up; pushing in more clouds and not letting the rare hallowed drops shed, ever touch the ground. The white-faced concrete specks amidst a darkening green mat stood out against the blue-black-gray sky when the glowing clouds of the west painted them yellow-pink. There I stood in a stiffening cool breeze and fading light, enjoying every bit of pre-monsoon summer dusk.

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