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Thursday, April 24, 2003

10th avenue, where I live, has been blocked off completely on one end for the past week because of maintenance work being carried out by the metro-water people. There is a huge trench right across the junction end of the road. That means that busses now take roundabout routes. But what happened today was really weird.
While I was negotiating through what is left of the pavement now strewn with sand embankments and barricades on my way back from college, I heard the familiar and urgent wail of an ambulance. Startled I looked up to see the vehicle speeding through 10th avenue towards the very prominent roadblock. What amazed me was the fact that the other end of the road boasts of a hideously obtrusive barricade as well. Of course this one covers only half the road so as to let people living on the road to enter and exit. Either the message on the other barricade was not clear, or the ambulance driver was not intelligent enough. It was a pity to see the chap reach meters away from the blockade, turn around; head back hundreds of meters to the other end and then look for an alternate route.

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