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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Freaky Frozen Fibrous Fleshy Fruit
The mangoes that my parents had picked from outside their window had ripened inside the rice drum. Unusually this year, the mango tree had lots of little fruits and even more unusual was the fact that hardly any of these were gnawed away by a healthy population of chipmunks living in the vicinity. And that I think is because the fruits are very very sour, besides the fact that these home-fed creatures are getting increasingly picky about their food.

It was then decided that these sour mangoes would be juiced rather than be eaten straight. This afternoon, I went about trying to do just that. Each fruit I peeled the skin off looked liked �Cousin It� from the Adam�s Family. Getting any sort of fleshy pulp was very difficult, so I squeezed the fruits to get decent amounts of liquid. Some sugar, some milk, some mixie and some freezer did the trick. Or so I guess! Sweet, sour and cold, it tastes good; and you can feel it in the ears.

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