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Monday, March 31, 2003

The frustrations of being
If you think responsibility trickles down from the top, then so does irresponsibility. I have now seen one too many persons in authority being egocentric, irresponsible and plain cheap. In fact this is probably the first time in my life that I see people I cannot bring myself to respect. There have always been those who you can credit for teaching you something by facing you with the worst. Yet there are those who you wish not to credit even in that way: those not deserving any kind of recognition, positive or negative.
Over the past few months I have increasingly sounded cynical and proud, but I hate to think myself to be naturally so dispossessed. The best environments bring out the best in me; and the worst, you know what. I would indeed consider it an insult to myself, my abilities and the people I owe my confidence to, if I were to take all the blame for my own hotheaded bitterness.

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