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Monday, March 24, 2003

And this was how we lost
Tendulkar was on strike, Ravi Shastri was commentating and so the TV at home was put on mute. Then Tendulkar hit a boundary and we were so pleased. Then Tendulkar got out. I went to my room, switched on some music and watched the match alone. Suddenly decided it was gonna be Animals by Floyd. First track Pigs on the wings 1: Ganguly hit sixes. Dogs: he got out. Pigs: Kaif Got out. Sheep: Sehwag was whacking the ball, so played Sheep again. Something about Gilmour´┐Żs guitar that seemed to drive Sehwag mad. Sheep for the third time and it started to rain. Pigs on the wing 2: Rain stopped. Sheep for the fourth time: Sehwag got out! Switched off the TV and the music and played solitaire until Zaheer got out. And so the wizards of Oz deservedly won the world cup

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