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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Mint Squash
I�m trying very hard to make a very simple mint squash. Here�s how u go about doing it. Take a bunch of mint leaves, two hands full. Wash them and dry them out completely for about an hour. Put a cup of water into a bowl, mix another cup of sugar to it, add a pinch of salt and squeeze half a lemon into it. Put this into a microwave on high for six minutes. Stir it once halfway through. Now at the end of six minutes, put the dried mint leaves into the boiling thingy, close it with a lid and leave it to cool for an hour. That�s what�s happening right now. About 15 minutes later, I should strain the contents of the bowl and pour the liquid into a bottle for storage. If needed I should add some green food coloring. After refrigeration it�s good to drink� I guess! Just like any other squash, add one part of concentrate to two parts of chilled water or soda.

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