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Thursday, March 13, 2003

So� what eas happeneeng?
Finally was able to get to face Ponnuchami, our not so generous script-writing professor yesterday. It turns out that his fancy single digit marks were only meant to �shake us up� and �put us in place� by �showing us our real poor standard�. This is rubbing it in. Now I don�t want condescending charity. Yet I could do so well with the pass marks he has promised us. On second thoughts even though I don�t regret having called him names, I must feel apologetic. After all he is my teacher. And if I have to take what he says by face value, he did (at least claims) that he had a purpose. I don�t buy the argument about the �standard� thing, but I sure realize that until I am a student I am at his mercy. If my defiance is only going make matters worse, then I�d better not take the effort if it couldn�t help.

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