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Friday, February 07, 2003

Why I blog?
I even have a �to blog about� section in my to-do list. In fact, even this is from one such list. Why do I keep blogging? Is it because this is a new thing � a fad or is it because of some newly discovered sense of exhibitionism? Rohini wants to elucidate at this point and I�m again only paraphrasing, Blogging has no point. Pornography on the net has more meaning. To an extent she is true. Why on earth should anybody know and who cares what side of the bed I got up from this morning?
Lets just say I�m using this as an outlet for a day�s worth of pent up ideas. This keyboard unquestioningly listens to whatever I have to say.

One fine thing about a blog is that you are writing to no one in particular; mostly to yourself. I constantly keep referring to you as �you�. Who�s �you�? There is an undercurrent of presupposed familiarity in the way I use people�s names and talk about certain events. Yet �you� may be a total stranger.
Unlike in a traditional story, Mdeii life unfolds from a position of comfortable unfamiliarity. Spend a few weeks with my words. By the end of the time you certainly would know exactly who and what I�m talking about when I say something like �the indi knows very little about Photo Adobeshop.�

More work
Today I got one more responsibility. Arranging guest lectures. Plus the mag thing is going pretty slow.

Work, away putting
I have lotsa work to do but I don�t know why I�m typing this while I could do a lot else? I�m listening to some lovely music by Bj�rk. Tomorrow I�ve promised Nithil that I�d be ready with the V.O. script for the documentary. Well that�s one thing I can remember and the only thing that I can read of my own handwriting from my notes.

Thank you
Sangeetha, Maria and Kribs. Thanks a lot for going through my blog and promptly getting back to me. It feels so good.

Sumaal thing
One more thing I remembered. Tomorrow we have to submit the synopses. Rushed through it early. Just in case I don�t have time now and I was bloody right. Saari it is a raeng annataesun.

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