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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Blessed art us?
Nithil delivered some really great news last night. 16 Armenians will be visiting Chennai and service is to be held at the Church on Sunday. This gives us a very good opportunity to make our script even better. This brings me to a very important discussion about the changes you have to make sometimes.
In our early discussions about the script in the team, we were harping on the very romantic idea of a church and a community that is almost forgotten. But now with the service happening, however pleasant the news maybe, the dramatic value of our first idea has had cold water thrown on it.

Getting a move on
This kind of thing gets you thinking, forces you out of reticence. In fact a fantastic untruth was so comfortably ingrained that reality almost seemed unwanted. But now, I guess new challenges have opened up new avenues. Probably our message in the documentary was meant to be different.

This strange mixture of fatalism and high technology has had another offspring. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to download some music samples for use on the soundtrack, they sounded perfect. Perfect to the level of being irreplaceable. They continue to be, but unfortunately I was not able to locate a usable copy of the very sounds. The replacement sounds I have are not bad; in fact, they are good in their own right. I don�t know if I am making a compromise, but I sure like to believe that my final sound design using these new sound would, would, in no way be worse off: in fact I would like it to sound the best and complement the script well. This dual change in the script as well as in the sound design means a lot more work, but all this should be good practice for me.

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