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Thursday, February 06, 2003

And so they were engaged
Vino�s engagement to Deepak went off very well. We traveled as a class, en mass all the way to Thennangur. It is said that it is the journey that�s interesting, but the destination here was in no way inferior. The food was great, the people were friendly and Vino looked absolutely lovely. I had taken my camera along and once the pictures are ready, I�d put them up on the net.

My throat is sore. Partied all through the long trip to and fro. We had an entire bus to ourselves and did not let that thought slip us even for an instant. We sang songs and that explains the throat thing. Vino just called me from her home and says she got info through her �spies� that I danced on the bus as well. Hmmm. Here�s to Vino�s spies!

Noses to the grindstone
Back in AU! No it�s not the classes. So many other things are keeping us busy. Everybody�s enthused about �Montage 2003�. Yeah! That�s what we�re calling it. I don�t think I�ll be playing a big part in organizing anything, but I sure will be doing my best whatever little I�m asked to do.

Before I come across as a sly work dodger, I have to tell you that I�ve decided to take care of the departmental magazine. We have to be ready with the first issue in time for it to be released on the first day of Montage. I was speaking to Hema today and she gave me some very good ideas about the magazine. There�s a meeting tomorrow when we need to discuss these issues.

There is always this thing about being a student doing a professional course and this small but significant chasm to leap across to become a thorough professional. If the magazine were to be run like how the real things are run, then it sure would help us all make that leap. So I guess it should be decided in the days to come that there be a proper framework and management structure formed to do so. God willing!

Another excuse I give for �chickening� out of Montage is that I guess Kribs needs some �unburdened� chaps to help him organize the web-publishing seminar. Plus, I�ve already told you about the documentary.

Mdeii who?
Many guys who see my e-mail ID want to know what �Mdeii� means. Well here goes.
T.S. Elliot said, (and I�m paraphrasing) �Poetry is what that is untranslatable.� Well, �Mdeii� sure does not translate even from the written language to the spoken.
Who does not want to have a poetic name?

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