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Monday, May 10, 2004

Tumultuous Times
My computer, due for an upgrade, decided to help the cause by self-destructing. Of course, it was not entirely its fault that it had old parts, some as old as six years. Nevertheless, even though most of my files are backed up, I have lost some data. Right now I don�t even know what I have lost. I will know when I need them and miss them.
I know I have lost my address book, so this is a request to all those who have ever communicated with me by email, please mail me at (very silly anti-spam ploy).
My new computer too did not get off to such a super start. Got online and immediately, before I could download the patch, got sasser, blaster etc. I did everything from disabling restart in the RPC settings, downloading and installing the patch, using Symantec�s tool to rid my system after disabling system restore. Still nothing seemed to work. I kept having �restart trouble� every time I went online. I have now formatted my drive and reinstalled the OS and run the patch file I had thankfully saved. I just hope nothing happens now. Anybody with any relevant info, please get in touch.
Jag I can now see your videos!
CC, email me. I lost your ID too and I need some info regarding LII.

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