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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Non Fiction
There are some people who prefer to read only non-fiction and there are those who compulsively hate that kind of reading. I prefer a healthy mix of both fiction and non-fiction. As it happens sometimes, both the books I am reading right now are pieces of non-fiction.
�Machiavellian� is school-age term reserved for the most devious of characters. The Prince doesn�t seem to be half as macabre as I thought it would be. It is downright practical when it comes to politics: almost innocuously straightforward. I feel so probably because I�ve already read worse in the works of Mario Puzo and the like. This brings me to the theme of the other book I�m reading: Screening violence. This is a systematic look at the depiction and the effects of violence in the mainstream visual media.
Having been in media studies for the past 6 years now, it is rare to come across a book that does not get too moralistic about media effects.

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