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Monday, November 24, 2003

And then the day before...
I had so many posts written on the 22nd about what happened on Friday that I could not quite squeeze in what happened later on Saturday.
Saturday evening, with a whole lot of non-inclination (is that really a �legal� word?), I went to complete the postproduction on my semester project. I was not exactly pleased with what we had shot, but nevertheless I had to do it for marks (hope this is just one-off and I don�t make this a habit, else I wonder what this bodes for my professional life). As things would have it, I happened to work with the youngest sound engineer in India: all of 17 years old.
I have always found it convenient to work with young technicians and others of my age group because these are the people willing to experiment, listen to your ideas, think on the same lines, and come up with good suggestions. So working with the young sound engineer was good; better still was the fact that she was a pretty looking, and very smart girl; and a celebrity too: She was interviewed by Kumudham and most recently by The Hindu as well.
After a good sound mixing session, we went and did a very quick job of the picture edit. My project was still so-so! But what the heck? Given the four hours we go for it, I understood that our staff guide didn�t expect too much from it and so it didn�t require too much effort. This is probably a very important lesson for me professionally. There are a few projects that really don�t require you to put in your best. They have different motivations and they have a different purpose, as far as that purpose is satisfied, I should be a satisfied artist.

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