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Monday, November 24, 2003

What are mothers made of?
A totally unexpected take on the 17yr old sound engineer thing came from my mother. She has one look at her picture in the magazine. Hmm... Good looking girl and then comes the clincher You were fiddling around with this sound design thing for a while... why can�t you too be upto some thing? (meaning: do something I can read about in Kumudham) As if you can�t do any of thi... Snatch! I pull the magazine away from her and stomp into my room. Are you so intolerant to even answer my...
It is not that she doesn�t believe I�ll do something someday, but she does strongly believe that I have no drive to do it all by myself. And worse still, she thinks I always make the worst decisions when it comes to my career. Then, most moms think the same way. I�m just slightly piqued that my otherwise liberal mother can also be little too pleased to be a clich�

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