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Saturday, May 10, 2003

How many media can a celebrity exist in? Today a radio show was dedicated to the hits of Rajnikanth. That intrigued me: Rajnikanth, or many other actors for that matter do not exist in the radio medium. I can understand if there is a television program showing the hits of Rajnikanth, but not on radio. It is either SP Balasubramiam or Mano or some other singer, but never Rajnikanth in those songs. Take for example one song from Johnny; Rajnikanth keeps running throughout the song while Sridevi sings in the rain (in the visuals); but ironically where there is no male voice in the song, it figures in the program on Rajnikanth hits on radio: just because he is exists in the visuals? Think!
This brings me back to the first question how many media can a showman exist in? The more the better I guess�isn�t that the essence of showbiz. That brings me to another question: how many celebrities exist on the Internet medium?

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