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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Child abuse
Kyle Williams is a 14 yr old who might as well be a 54yr old republican. I am no one to comment about American domestic politics, but I somehow was a little too flustered by the guy�s writing. For me, a child is a typical �stereotype�, if the word can be used: typical of the child from the story of�The Emperor�s New Clothes�.
The whole idea of encouraging the �child�s point of view� is to bring to public discourse a level of uninhibited, innocent, honest, unbiased and fresh frivolity. None of these is present in this chap�s writing. As I said earlier, he might as well be a 54yr old republican, there is nothing 14yr old about him and that is sad.
When I was 14, I talked about democracy and human rights, but I also was a happily ignorant optimist when I believed in Utopia: and believe me, just because of my childhood wisdom do I still trust in humanity and all that we stand for.
PS: This might sound a little too far-fetched and I have no research substantiating it, but I have a feeling that this is indeed a 54yr old republican pulling a stunt. After all, the internet does offer a great deal of anonymity.

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