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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Tomorrow I have my end-semester exams in electronic journalism but that did not prevent me from spending the day out with the guys today. Vipul and Mihir, already pissed about me not making it to Bangalore were insistent that I join them today: and I did not regret it. We watched The Recruit: the kind of movie that five years ago would have me talking about for days.
Now! Let me not come across as a disparaging hothead! It was a good movie, very very good in certain respects, but definitely not the kind of movie that I would want to keep talking about or want to watch again and again. Neeti from IMI had also joined us and after the movie we went to the usual places. Mihir joined us at Coffee Day (he could not make it to the movie). After hours of unceasing yapping, I split; after all I had to do justice to my academics. Hehe!

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