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Saturday, April 12, 2003

And after all
It is weird to be reading last week�s edition of war commentary now. Most of it does not ad up with the stuff I see today on TV. There were predictions of how the proud Iraqis would hold out and not give in to the �invaders�. But television pictures today show �liberation�, and ironically, looters.

In fact this brings a strange sense of d�j� vu. Reminds me so much of the mud some journalists had on their faces when the Gujrat election results were announced. What�s worse, in both cases, I was siding with these very people; so even I have had mud thrown on my face.

Were we wrong with our initial assessments of things? I sure had my heart in the right place. Or is it reality that is truant and becoming increasingly politically incorrect. I already see a lot of commentary (from those who were earlier not too happy with Bush), now that Baghdad has fallen, to grow critical of anti-war writers.

On both sides of the political divide, we have to realize these things: anti-war is not anti-American, anti-war is not pro-pseudo commie leftist. In our own camp, we need to understand that in our parochial haste bolstered by our inherent prejudices, we fooled ourselves into believing in a bloody utopia. But it is not just us who are unthinking, the Anglo-Saxon media wears a similar blindfold over its own eyes right now. We are indeed lucky have been able to realize and tear it off early.

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