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Friday, March 07, 2003

Bad news
That�s what�s kept me from blogging yesterday. So what�s so bad that could ruin a whole two days? I got my scriptwriting answer paper back after evaluation. Horror of horrors I got 5 and a half on 25. That too after I thought I had done pretty well in the exam. I don�t want to sour grape. At the same time, on rationalizing, it does not make much sense. As far as I know I had not been overconfident while I wrote it. I took it seriously. And for the world I would not believe that I am bad at scriptwriting concepts with all my theories about storytelling and showmanship. No way I�m gonna let some cheap professor determine my worth. So what�s bothering me? I don�t know. Rationalizing always happens in hindsight. It is pure emotional shock when I got to know my marks in the first place. Plus this was sheer humiliation for the �erstwhile� straight-A class topper.

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