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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kind residents of Madras

I need your help in tracing somebody.

She was spotted near Coffee? (the place in RA Puram) this evening about 8. She got out of a Silver Honda City (so says CC, but he's not sure) with 3 other blokes (and that's the slightly worrisom part). She was dressed in a very lovely white printed skirt—the sort that not too many girls can carry off gracefully, and hence you don't see too much of these days. She also sported black heeled shoes, and a slightly crappy handbag. She speaks very clear unbroken Tamil.

My gaze was averted unfortunately when I got a call and had to rush elsewhere.

If you do know her, or if you are her, please get in touch with me. Information leading to positive identification, and positive identification leading to meaningful contact, will be rewarded.


10:29 pm


Comments to Kind residents of Madras

Putted on PutVote. Let us see

posted by Blogger Ravages 

11:04 pm, October 07, 2006

Aaha tamil padathla varra mathirye nadakathu :)

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

12:10 am, October 08, 2006

Blog ezhudhi enna kizhiche nnu inime evanum kekka mudiyadhu.

posted by Blogger Anu 

12:28 am, October 08, 2006

"She was dressed in a very lovely white printed skirt—the sort that not too many girls can carry off gracefully, and hence you don't see too much of these days"

Did you mean she has an out-dated fashion sense but just said it in a nice way? Flattery will get you everywhere.

Will keep my eyes open but that silver colour is like looking for a vella chatta vetti MLA.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

12:37 am, October 08, 2006

so alai payudhe.

posted by Blogger I 

2:55 am, October 08, 2006

rotfl. Kodambakkam influence adhigamaa theriyudhu, Good luck.

posted by Blogger WA 

12:08 pm, October 08, 2006

And to top it, naa thaan solreney, mavane ava oru old gangster oda young waif-a irukka pora ... do not accept calls promising you a date with her near dark streets.

posted by Anonymous Hehhhhh 

5:01 pm, October 08, 2006

Were you struck by the thunder or discovered a face that could solve a casting dilemma??

posted by Blogger mahesh 

8:07 pm, October 08, 2006

If she's the same girl I saw too, she's off to SFO tomorrow. I saw her eight years back near Anjugam School coming out of a Tata Sumo. The rest fits perfectly. :P

posted by Blogger Ishwar 

7:47 am, October 09, 2006

haha.. cindrella glass slippers-ku bathila, oru crappy handbag.. way to go!

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

12:13 pm, October 10, 2006

mothathula this blog hasnt helped u know more about the girl than what you already knew. except for a suspicion that she is a anjugam school alum. which doesnt bode well

posted by Blogger Hawkeye 

5:54 pm, October 11, 2006

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