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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The union mafia's film "bandh"

Today the Tamil film industry has chosen to "honour their kalaigner". The umbrella union of film-workers (FEFSI-Film Employees Federation of South India) has effectively called for a two-day halt to all film activity.

This is technically not a bandh to filmmaking, but surely irritates us non-believers and non-sycophants. FEFSI card holders, even if they are full-time employees of private production houses, like ours, are compelled to not work. As a result we have to cancel and reschedule a whole bunch of shoots. Our own electricians and set-riggers are afraid to work, fearing union reprisals (கார்ட கிழிச்சிடுவாங்க ஸார்) The genny-operators we hired, are to lose two-days of 'bata'. Our reschedule is going to cost us four times over because we lose two more days next week to Gandhi Jayanthi and Aayutha Pujai.

If you want a fucking holiday, why the fuck are we paying for it? And who the fuck are you? Because we includes the worker who's losing two-days' wages.

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Comments to The union mafia's film "bandh"

Is that true that its mandatory to hold FEFSI card to work in Tamil film industry ?
Few years back, I remember FEFSI called for a strike against Padaipaligal(?) Sangam. Kamal and Balachander also sided with them. So how does the whole thing film making process works in kollywood ? can you write about that ?

posted by Anonymous Saravanan 

7:47 am, September 24, 2006

I just hate this type of paarattu vizha.

There is zero gain and use of this type of things. Instead the money could be put in use for yezha yelia makkal

posted by Blogger Raghu 

9:11 am, October 01, 2006

He it just a coincidence that the parattu vizha is timed overlooking council elections ?

posted by Anonymous Bharath 

12:56 am, October 06, 2006

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