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Thursday, July 27, 2006

WTF? So help!

I am still not able to access or And a customer service executive at my ISP told me that they have not blocked any sites. She also suggested that I type in the IP address instead of the name, and when I did that, presto! There was Blogger in all its glory.

Unable to resolve target system name

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 133 ms 119 ms 128 ms
2 120 ms 128 ms 118 ms
3 179 ms 128 ms 119 ms
4 365 ms 351 ms 351 ms []

5 2189 ms 359 ms 351 ms []
6 375 ms 487 ms 367 ms
7 350 ms 359 ms 358 ms
8 373 ms 375 ms 376 ms
9 471 ms 382 ms 376 ms
10 392 ms 382 ms 376 ms
11 383 ms 376 ms 392 ms
12 471 ms 376 ms 374 ms
13 396 ms 384 ms 382 ms
14 364 ms 376 ms 384 ms

Trace complete.

So how the heck does this happen? Anyway typing in the IP is no big bother, but I am sick and tired of workarounds when the straight thing should work. I am fucking paying for it. How could this happen? Is the name server screwing up? What do I confront my ISP's customer service executive with, the next time I call?

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Comments to WTF? So help!

Both & are hosted in the server with ip If you visit you will be redirected to All the blogspot blogs are hosted in the server with ip You will not be able to browse the blogs with the ip address.

1. ping the ip address using ping66.102.15.101 command. If you are not able to reach the server then your ISP has blocked the ip address and as far as I know nothing can be done at your end to bypass. Your ISP has to resolve this.
2. If you are able to successfully ping then try to execute this command nslookup in the command prompt.

If you get something like this then everything is ok at your ISP's side and the problem is at your end.

Server: ******************
Address: ******************

Non-authoritative answer:

If you get some out put like this then your ISP has blocked the thru their DNS servers.

Server: **********
Address: **********

*** ********** can't find Non-existent domain

This can be bypassed in two ways,
1. Add the following line to the end of the file c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

Now you shud be able to access in the browser. You have to manually add all the blogspot address manually like this.
2. Bypass the ISP's DNS server and use someother DNS server like . This involves changing the network settings. you may have to note down all the settings that you are changing while changing the DNS. If any problem happens you can go back to the old settings.

Hope this helps to resolve the problem. Let me know how it works. If you have any questions then shoot a mail to

posted by Blogger Saravan 

7:20 pm, July 27, 2006

Maybe you are suffering from the effects of what has been discussed quite a bit here... on BoingBoing

If indeed you can acccess by IP and just not by name, then that was a silly way to block blogspot indeed. Removing the name from DNS is so silly.

Here's a handy way to get past that annoyance. On a Windows machine, open up the file named "hosts" in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and add a line that specifies the name and IP address like so.


posted by Anonymous Siddarth 

7:26 pm, July 27, 2006

Thanks Saravan and Siddarth! I know what to tell my 'customer service executive' now!

posted by Blogger Anand 

8:35 pm, July 27, 2006

BSNL DataOne is working fine, but VSNL (what I have in the college campus) is still down... I should try this technique, but I wish that there was some way to introduce some kind of wildcard character into the hosts file, in order to view all blogspot blogs.

posted by Anonymous Nirenjan 

10:04 pm, July 30, 2006

Update: VSNL is working fine now (at least for blogspot blogs)

posted by Anonymous Nirenjan 

8:58 am, August 01, 2006

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