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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I love this city when it rains; it does get messy after a while

Dark Clouds in the distance, plain bluish-whitish-greying sky.
Yellow light from the top-west, light breeze in the tree;
Rustling green, shaking off ochre and soot.
Screeching birds, hooting birds, singing birds, cawing birds, sudden honks from far away.

Lazy roads, blazing yellow;
Lonely auto scavenging.

Dimming sky, brightening neons,
Saturated colours, stuffy air.

Yellow, grey, blue-grey.
Light trickle, dirty drops.

Loud chatter, heavy music, corner table.
�Two latt�s with cinnamon�
�Sorry sir no cinnamon�
�OK just the coffee�
��And a sandwich�
�Two pieces in it right?�

Metaphysics, chaos theory, rock music, and my lousy boss.
Silent window, heavier drops;
Dusty road cleansed.
Arabian nights, bawdy jokes.
People scurrying for cover.

Hot coffee, misty window, Eminem cursing everyone.

�Hey man, what�re you doing here?�
�Long time dude�
�Nice meeting you like this�
�See you man, I�ll call you�

�Nice coffee�
�The sandwich stuffing makes me fart�

�Anything else sir�
�Anything else?�
Blue smudge in the north.
�Nothing else�check�

�Love to walk�
�First got to piss�

Book rack, leaky tap, microchip pisspot.
�Boy that�s a relief�

Swing door, stepping out,
Slosh! Splash! �Fuck!.. My shoes!�
Dripping leaves, earthy scent;
Further ahead, burnt petrol.

Glossy road:
Two busses blocking the way, loading and offloading. Stuck umbrella, irritated driver,
Honking cars, cawing birds, barking dogs, traffic jam.

Dart across, slippery road,
Avoid the puddle,
A van rattling towards a bigger puddle.
Avoid that too, turn right into the bookstore.

Asimov, Douglas Adams, �Tolkein in the same shelf?�

�That�s my boss�
�Yeah him�
�Bastard didn�t even recognize me�

Road maps, C++, costly book on �Web colours? Give me a break�
Art deco, animation, �Nude photography?�

Hindi film DVD, joke of the evening on BOMBINO.
PhotoShop�ed wrappers, colourized old-time Tamil hero wearing lipstick.

Iron maiden, �Eddy isn�t it?�
Floyd, LedZep, �Justin Timberlake?�, Satrianni.

Wayne�s World, Aladdin, Bad Boys, Chicago.
�It�s always the same stuff�

Chopin, Beethoven, Wagner,
�Make out to the music of Mozart?�
�Shag to the sound of Schubert?�
�Where�s Stravinsky?�
�500 bucks? Thank you!�

Where�s the bag token?
�Here you go�
�Thank you�

�Gone darker hasn�t it?�
Beep Beep, �Hello man! Where are you?�
�OK 20 mins� I�ll wait here. It�s begun to drizzle�

�Where are you meeting?�
�Place right round the corner� Join us?�
�Not tonight. I got to go; work at home�
�See you dude!�

25B never so early, �Bye man�

7:52 pm


Comments to I love this city when it rains; it does get messy after a while

hahaha! :D exactly


posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

5:14 pm, August 09, 2004

Planning to write an epic??

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

10:51 pm, August 09, 2004

Cat: Almost exactly! Some jazzing up here and there ;)
Chakra: Pretty much� ;) ;)

Otherwise: Today saw a CD �Shack-up to Chopin�.
Music as accompaniment to lovemaking seems to be a fairly interesting topic. Two examples from film I can think of right now are (1) Dudlee Moore and Bo Derek doing it to the rhythm of Ravel�s Bolero in Blake Edwards� 10; and (2) Urmila and Ajay Devgan making out in front of the TV, accompanied by the BBC incidental music in Ram Gopal Verma�s Bhoot. (BTW is the same thing there in Shock as well?)
There must be some more interesting examples from film and from life.
Me personally? I can�t even write properly when there is soft music playing in the background. Maybe I should try heavier stuff�Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath, or even the Jiddou Bhaii (feat. D.U.M.B.) techno-rap remix of popular Punjabi lullabies (Haven�t you seen the music video starring Dolly �Hooters� Sen on MTV India yet?)

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:27 pm, August 09, 2004

whoa !! neat stuff. did take me two readings to get the gist. probably the first time i was skipping lines ;-)

posted by Blogger lazy geek 

1:35 pm, August 10, 2004

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