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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Redone again

I have redone my template... again.
Comments please!

3:10 pm


Comments to Redone again

Hey! .this is simple and cool. I would have suggested You the KISS principle, but I ain't an egghead.

posted by Blogger alex.bén 

3:21 pm, July 25, 2004

HEY Anand..well this one looks KUTCH!! Wat happened to the pic in the background? so when u leavin?

posted by Blogger arvindiyer 

4:45 pm, July 25, 2004

Hey.. neat.. but the pic? enga pochu? It was a nice background!

posted by Blogger anantha 

12:24 am, July 26, 2004

Looks way too simple. I kinda liked your previous design.

posted by Blogger Kiruba Shankar 

1:14 am, July 26, 2004

Simple and easy for the eye. I like the light blue color.

posted by Blogger Deepak 

8:33 am, July 26, 2004

This is simple & neat!!

posted by Blogger Chakra Sampath 

2:34 pm, July 26, 2004

Looks good. But I hope this is not going to be the final design.

posted by Blogger Jax 

4:17 pm, July 26, 2004

Pretty simple for a kollywood guy. But seriously I liked your previous color. Isn't that like comparing aayitha ezhuhtu to kannathil muthamittal. i know i shouldn't be doing that.

- Lazy Geek

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

5:10 pm, July 26, 2004

Awesome! Much better and cleaner! All you need now is a sprinkle of colour on your blog :)


posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

7:01 pm, July 26, 2004

Thanks for the feedback chaps. Yeah! It is nice and simple, might appear a little colourless and quite incomplete. Like everything else, my blog too is always a work in progress and an exercise in vanity. Thanks; I appreciate all your comments except for Lazy for having referred to a certain "...wood". Note: I never want to be associated with any kind of forest/arboreal/timber suffix. I am NOT that! :)

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:54 pm, July 26, 2004

well ...
i agree with some of the others. I liked the previous one much better .. the colors were good.

though i understand that u would have had compatibility issues. Anywayz, hope u can improve the color schemes on this.

posted by Blogger RamV 

1:21 am, July 27, 2004

Ah! Neat. Relief for the bandwidth-challeneged!
Use earth colors (the Browns, the reds (vermilion is my fav) just try out some earth colors... the template is cool. And now about your pic: the current pic though smaller than the one you used earlier, conveys more. This pic inspires (most likely in girls) a lot of intrigue; the serial killer expression is just that: a killer. So, if you have not already lost it, you will lose it soon. The virginity that is. contrasing Bg and intense_red are not connected. I will email you shortly the version I liked the most (minus the goof-ups); at least, you'll learn 'how not to write a script'.

posted by Blogger suman kumar 

10:47 am, July 27, 2004


I kinda liked the Titanic effect - from your previous template. But whatever works, I guess.

posted by Blogger Pavithra 

11:19 am, July 27, 2004

Template is ok. a tad less glamorous, but is a working progress i guess...Not an exercise in vanity, but in shrouding it with creativity..

## What did you think of Spiderman 2? curious..also, cant wait to bitch...
## Thanks for the Seymore Chatman reference. Am half way into it. The approach is structuralist, but an embracing structuralism, not exclusionary..Will write more after reaching the other cover.
## What is your 2 cents worth about the 'Truckers of Tamil nadu'?

posted by Blogger Mitochondria 

10:23 pm, July 27, 2004

Suman: Glad you like it. Glad about my killer looks, but not glad about bringing in the "if not" factor.. that seems to question my...
Changing the topic: I kinda like blue. It goes with my face! (Now THAT'S a vain bastard!)
Sure would like to read your screenplay. Your comments on it reminds me of my first (attempt at a) screenplay -- A rather embarrasing work on hindsight.

Pavithra: Now that you've mentioned Titanic, I am glad that I took that picture off. :p

OK just some useless info. (If you're interested) The old backrground picture (the Ahem! Titanic one) was clicked by a good friend in Bangalore under a reading lamp. We were testing his new darkroom and wanted some dispensable exposures on some old BW stock. I was acting like I was trying to soak up the light from above... Not Shah Jehan, Not Madhavan and definitely not Titanic!
The current picture is one that I clicked myself. This time in front of the bathroom mirror. (I flipped the picture in photoshop)

# I have not seen Superman 2 yet
# I have not reached the other cover of Seymour Chatman yet
# I have no opinion about the truckers... Yet! :)

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:16 pm, July 27, 2004

I liekd the earlier template, had a very diff feel to it. This one is way too simple, its nice but the previous one was aesthetically better. Cud u have the earlier one without any erors?

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

11:31 pm, July 27, 2004

Anand: what does one have to do to qualify for a link of his/her blog to yours?

posted by Blogger Mitochondria 

12:44 am, July 28, 2004

Mito: Crosslinking is a symbiotic thingy! Sorta like back-scratching... you do mine.. I do yours! Now I've done yours! Your's has an XML feed, hence it occupies the "fed content" blogroll, and has been classified thusly. Your blog shall also be automaticaly subscribed to via my newsreader.
And now I know about the truckers of Tamil Nadu! For the others who do not, please visit mitochondrias blog. ;)

posted by Blogger Anand 

2:18 am, July 28, 2004

Shobha: We all have our regrets. Sadly my old template shall forever be like an unrequited romance. Ever a fond memory but never to be lived again. Something that is error personified can never be cleansed of it. Its beauty lay in its blemishes. Much like the moon. But alas... most browsers and operating systems and processors and screen sizes do not like the moon. So threw the moon out and got myself a neon sign! Hardly a replacement.. but the techies love it!

posted by Blogger Anand 

2:26 am, July 28, 2004

Anand.....talking poetry? :P

posted by Blogger Shobha 

7:58 am, July 28, 2004

Anand, summa kalasinen. Avlothaan. no idea of assosiating you to any wood or it's tribe.

posted by Blogger lazy geek 

9:27 am, July 28, 2004

can I take a look at your first script/screenplay :)


posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

3:01 pm, July 28, 2004

This one looks simple and neat Anand. Nice work.

- hemanth

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

6:22 pm, July 28, 2004

Anand, Thanks for scratching my back.

posted by Blogger Mitochondria 

11:21 pm, July 28, 2004

Sree: My first (attempt at a) feature length screenplay was not too bright. If I have ever worked up a reputation for being sensible through my blog (very dubious), I might lose all that if you read it. Of course, when I wrote it, I thought I was writing this seminal work about a man in a quest for another, hearing voices along the way, but only after I finished it did I realise that this fell flat somewhere between The Shawshank Redemption and Apocalypse Now. I think I have put you off enought to not ask me again!

Lazy: Paravaillai!

Thanks Hemanth

No problemo Mito!

posted by Blogger Anand 

11:30 pm, July 28, 2004

Ok, ok (nervous).All right. No more Titanic.

:-)). But I still liked the pic (and the background info). Is this one going to be here for keeps?

posted by Blogger Pavithra 

8:33 am, July 29, 2004

The previous template was much more snazzy. Now its slightly ordinary, but very simple and elegant.
And it IS pleasing on the eyes

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

8:35 am, July 29, 2004

On the contrary I find it interesting !! I am all the more interested. BTW, what is your email id?


posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

11:41 am, July 29, 2004

Shree: Forget it dude...! I am not too keen about shwoing off my first screenplay.. but for sure I will make available online something else.. something more sensible. :) Thanks for your interest.

posted by Blogger Anand 

12:23 am, July 30, 2004

Fine :)) . Thanks.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous 

12:55 am, July 30, 2004

Dude coming here after a long time. Pleased to see the new look :)

posted by Blogger Pradeep 

1:08 am, August 01, 2004

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