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Monday, May 17, 2004

After a small holiday
I usually am not too fond of summer rides to our village; especially during agninakshatram. The 6-hour journey takes a toll with the seat of the car sticking to your stiff backside. Add to this the exhaustion caused by roaming around in the intense Tamil Nadu heat. The only solace usually is a dip in the Cauvery. This time though, the trip to our village was too short to include a swim. There is very little water in the Cauvery anyway.
Nevertheless, both the painful-car-ride, and the not-able-to-take-a-dip woes were offset by the amazing weather. As soon as we left Chennai and its FM radio zone, we were greeted by strong winds, lashing rain and hail. My uncle had thoughtfully hired an air-conditioned Qualis, so while being protected from the sometimes-scary weather, we regaled in the idea of seeing good rains, snuggled in 20 degrees Centigrade of comfort.
Eventually it rained all through the weekend, in and around Trichy, in our village, in all our family temples, and also on our way back. The only sore point in the trip was the sorry state of the Cauvery, but good rains herald good news. Bittersweet thoughts for Chakra.

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