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Monday, January 05, 2004

A Story
A very powerful and revered person grants (I don�t know in return for what) a little know ruler, a big gift (including some really powerful weapons). Now our newly potent man starts flaunting his favour and throws his weight around. He terrorises his neighbours and imprisons dissidents. Now the grand old powerful person now has a son who he sends across to get rid of his nuisance beneficiary. The son teams up with a really articulate ally and goes after the rogue power with weapons of mass destruction. The son destroys a whole island nation with a missile and in return the rogue gasses a field of combatants with a nerve agent. Enraged by the use of chemical weapons, the son orders decapitation strikes while the top villains hide. (In spider holes?) However, having lost his offspring, his siblings and most of his kin, the tormented man, rather than be taken alive and humiliated, dies fighting. His land is taken (and renamed), the prisoners freed and personal souvenirs and bounties are collected.
This is not an imaginative account of Gulf War II; this is the story of Soorasamharam, the mythology of Muruga and Sooran.

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