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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Zbigniew Preisner
Ever since I saw Krzysztof Kieslowski�s Dekalog, I have been taken in by Zbigniew Presiner�s music and score. Now that I have thoroughly seen another Kieslowski masterpiece, Trois Couleurs (about a dozen times frame-by frame), I have fallen in love with his music. Braving the rain (welcome rains for the parched city) today, I rushed to Landmark just so that I could purchase, probably the only copy of Priesner�s music commercially available in Chennai: The soundtrack of Rouge. I now own some really great music.
For your listening pleasure, here is some wonderful music
There are three tracks available on the site to listen to. I can proudly say that ever since I stumbled upon the website, I have listened to those track over and over again continuously, especially Marionettes from La Double Vie de Veronique.
I rarely make my wishes public, mainly because of a little fear of ridicule, and a greater fear of providence, which having heard me aloud, usually conspires to not make my wish come true. My dream is to make a film one day, which I can get Preisner to score the music for. I do not fear the spoilsport of a sharp-eared fate now, for if I ever get to work with Preisner, it would only be a bonus.
Thanks to Jag for the inspiration to write about music.

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