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Monday, January 05, 2004

This is the first George Stevens movie I have seen. A very absorbing movie that is relatable and relevant on many levels. Wonderful performances from Liz Taylor, Rock Hudson, and the inimitable James Dean.
One thing that kept me thinking was how closely elements from Giant resembled Francis Ford Coppola�s The Godfather. The movies are completely unrelated except for the fact that both are family sagas, but there is an almost subliminal similarity of little things: from framing to dialogues to set-ups and to production design, where Coppola seemed to allude to this movie. It could, after all, be a huge coincidence or a case of the clich�d great-men-thinking-alike thing: I don�t remember Coppola ever mentioning Giant while talking about The Godfather.
Watch this movie if you want thought provoking and entertaining relaxation. The movie lasts a little over three hours on screen, but is the kind of film that�ll stay inside your head for a lot longer.

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