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Thursday, June 19, 2003

The Skull King
Today I finished reading Stanley Kubrick�s biography by John Baxter. When I started reading the book, Kubrick�s life stories made me feel slightly insecure and very unlucky: the man had the studios eating out of his hands. Eventually as the book progressed, it gave me a sense of hope that I too would be able to stand up for my own filmmaking style against the current system. I had always thought that despite my lofty ideals, I somehow had to start-off working under the rot, for the rot and accepting the rot. A remarkable thing about the Kubrick life-story was that all the films he made were Kubrick films (despite the fact that he was not pleased with a few of them: every filmmaker has personal non-favourites). I find this consistent strength in a filmmaker pleasing, especially since all I seem to see in Indian films are directors gone sour, directors gone stale, directors gone too arty or directors gone the David Dhawan way.
I have always admired Stanly Kubrick�s films even though I have just discovered him. Not too long ago, I even had confused Vladimir Nabokov for Kubrick in a college quiz show.
Now I see that there�s going to be a film, I think about Alan Conway (a Kubrick impersonator) starring John Malkovich.
Update - 25th July

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