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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Family Matters and the thickest lassi in the world
So I finally got to meet Anita in Bombay today. It is funny when bloggers meet, you can hardly ask something like �how�s life?� even though that is how we started.
I had met up with Vipul earlier in the morning, so both of us landed up at Only Parathas in Bandra for the rendezvous where I also claimed my prize for being the dullest. Even though Anita wanted me to open the attractive wrapping only on my train back home, I couldn�t resist the temptation and at Vipul swank company-provided apartment, opened the package to find Rohinton Mistry�s Family Matters. I have to admit, being dull sure pays.
The food was great, and I mean filling. Here I�d have to describe the lassi. The drinking straw that usually drifts to the side of a glass and slides to swim in any lesser dilution, stood straight upright in the middle of the lassi glass like it had been planted in concrete.
Thanks Anita for a wonderful afternoon! I will put up the pictures (don�t even ask what I put Anita through for the �right-light thing�) when I get back to Chennai.

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