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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

What to do with blogger�s experiments?

First the bar above screws up my template and hides my pretty face, now the �next blog� link (on other people�s blogs) are screwing up my referral stats. This might help with the former.

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Comments to What to do with blogger�s experiments?

I am wondering, why you haven't shifted your blog to your own domain(

posted by Blogger Keybold 

4:25 am, August 24, 2004

That advice from Blogger did not help me, but one of the visitors to my blog gave me an idea on how to remove the banner completely. Will email you about it!

posted by Blogger anantha 

10:16 am, August 24, 2004

I faced simlar (pun intended). A few "breaks" at the beginning of my top tables solved the prob. I'm less inclined to cheat Google of their bar.

posted by Blogger OJ_Audet @ 

10:54 am, August 24, 2004

Yup, had the same blogger banner problem too.
Now I have rectified it. Thanx.
And it looks much more cooler than the original banner - and blends into my template.

But the referrals on my page screws the sidebar alignment. And it looks best only on IE 6, inspite of using only tables...

posted by Blogger satosphere 

11:37 pm, August 24, 2004

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